Mistress Akume (ah*koo*may)
About Me            

Mistress Akume 

BDSM is a very important part of my life, something that is very dear to me and that I have derived immense amounts of pleasure from. I am always amazed at the wonderful realms of understanding that I gain from engaging in all sorts of play. I use a creative and explorative approach when I play that varies from one submissive to the next depending on their level of tolerance and of course on my mood.


Sometimes I wonder how I evolved into the sweet and sadistic, erotically powerful woman that I am today. Sit back, relax now and read the following passage for a glimpse into the motivations of your Goddess.


The Promise of Something New


I feel the energy rise, almost palpable, a living force, growing inside of me. It continues to strengthen, emanating from my core. If I do not contain it, it reaches out to others and spirals around them. They suddenly have a strange impulse, a strong desire to please and obey me. They may wonder where this impulse came from and why it is so strong. I feel this energy pouring out of my pores. There is a shining core inside of me, golden and warm, brilliant and strong. I feel it most when I am indulging in my favorite pastime, the domination of my chosen ones. It is a forbidden pastime, not for the weak. It involves the shadow side, the part of me that lay dormant for so long, gathering strength. When I uncovered it, it burst forth with an insatiable hunger, this shadow side, this side that all of you submissive men can understand and respond to. It is the part of me that gets enormous amounts of pleasure from your pain and your willingness to endure and to please me. I have discovered a wonderful world filled with passion, adventure, excitement, catharsis, beauty, peace, and raw power. This energy core gathering strength inside of me is your liberator, LIBERATING you from your LIMITATIONS. Explore your inner core. I will be your guide.

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