Mistress Akume (ah*koo*may)

I enjoy all forms of impact play to include spanking, flogging, caning, paddling, slapping, and the use of ordinary household items as striking implements.


I love to tie people up. Applying Japanese style rope bondage is a personal favorite of mine. I also enjoy CBT, mummification, and other forms of bondage.


Erotic Hypnosis is another favorite of mine.
I am a trained hypnotist. The human mind provides a rich landscape to work with.

I adore exploring fetishes, such as foot/shoe/boot worship, feminization, slut training, sissy maids,
humiliation, objectification, age play, puppy play, pony play, and erotic role-play. I am open to new ideas as I consider myself a fetishist with a sense of adventure.

What I enjoy most is the desire of the submissive to please and obey me. The willingness to endure whatever “fun and games” I have devised and the ability to give me the proper adoration are the qualities that I require in a submissive. Understand that I do not offer sexual services.

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