Mistress Akume (ah*koo*may)

Here is how it works-

I have a certain procedure I follow when selecting new clients that involves email correspondence. The first step is to send an email introducing yourself and letting me know what you are interested in. If I like what I read, I will reply with a set of questions to further clarify our expectations.  This email has questions regarding the type of play you desire and other pertinent information. For obvious reasons I am very selective and extremely private.

I require a pre-session coffee meeting immediately before we play. It should take about 20 minutes and it will be in a south Austin coffee shop. This is to see whether or not we "click". There is no fee for this meeting. I only accept clients I feel comfortable with and I expect the same discretion from the prospective client as well. You may write to me at MistressAkume@Gmail.com to get the process started.

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